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We only ship within the United States
We only ship within the United States

Resin - PDQ/CORVE8190 - 450 Pound Barrel

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When performing many trenchless repairs, lengthy downtime is unacceptable. Clients want the project done as quickly as possible so they can get back to their usual activities. Ambient cure resins offer many benefits to trenchless pipe repair projects. Ambient cure resin resists corrosion. It is designed for use in cured-in-place pipe repair and relining services. This resin is made of thixotropic vinyl esters, which confer a long lifespan and fast curing time.


  • Room temperature stability: 24 hours

  • Specific gravity: 1.05 to 1.08

  • Gel time: 10 to 20 minutes

  • Gel to peak: two to 10 minutes

  • Peak exotherm: 310 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Resistance to distortion while curing

  • Short cycle times

  • Fast hardness development

  • Retains structural integrity under heavy loads

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